Leadership Alignment Mentorship™

The Leadership Alignment Mentorship is a stepwise and iterative process to promote flow and stability within your leadership structure. The Mentorship may include only the founder/CEO or additional team members. 

Elements of this process include assessing leaders’ developmental stage, leader coherence and alignment, provide capacity-building mindset and resistance training and coaching, claiming the identity of individual and organizational purpose, and create a rigorous set of leadership KPIs to keep the organization on-track with purpose and vision. 

A Leadership Purpose Alignment Mentorship will help you to: Claim your identity as a Leader in an evolving landscape, Be more decisive in decision-making, gain clarity about direction and innovation, experience confidence and team cohesiveness, create a more powerful business aligned with the authentic expressions of who you are and what you want to deliver in the world for more impact and abundance. 

Fees based participation of key players and range from $5,997- $11,997.

Emergence Institute

Holly Woods, PhD

ⓒ 2020 Emergence Institute