What if work didn’t have to be so hard?


Seriously, don’t you wish you could spend more of your time doing things you enjoy, rather than working?

If you said yes, I’m guessing you’d rather do work that makes you feel good, both about yourself and about what you can contribute, and create a stable and sustainable career.


In finding your purpose, you get to make sense of your life’s journey so you can figure out what your next phase of life should be in the world. And you learn to to get out of your own way so you can step into action aligned with your next stage of life.


You’ll never hate work again.

How often do you roll out of bed each workday wishing for another long weekend? Or resent your employer (or your own business for that matter) for so little time off?


What if work was something you so enjoyed and looked forward to that you didn’t crave vacations and holidays as a necessary distraction from its evil twin sister (your job)?


Can you imagine just the possibility that you could find work that not only fulfilled your deepest longing to do work that mattered to you, but that also offered your greatest contribution in this lifetime?


So that each day as you went to your “job” or business, you were in fact helping to change the trajectory of humanity or the planet in some important way that only you could do?


I met one of my former clients, the young and dynamic Sara Vargas, at a national leadership training for Climate Reality, Al Gore’s non-profit, where we were both participants. I had a unique interest to see how I could support climate leaders to live into their intentional work.


Sara and I immediately bonded over her enthusiasm to make a difference in the environmental movement, though she admittedly wasn’t focused and didn’t have confidence that she was ready to make a difference. I began coaching her to break through whatever beliefs she had about her capacity to contribute and to help her find focus in her desire for environmental awareness.


Sara immediately began making huge shifts in her awareness of what was holding her back, and also how to make a difference in the world by understanding and honoring her own strengths and purpose. She catapulted into a self-organized trip to conduct a social documentary of environmental awareness of climate change in Cuba.


This summer, Sara completed an internship at the California Environmental Protection Agency, working for environmental justice in the state. On August 30, Sara participated in a panel with former Vice President Al Gore at the Climate Reality Leadership Training in Los Angeles, as she’ll begin a mentorship role for other up-and-coming climate leaders. After her 2018 graduation from UC San Diego, Sara will be working as an Environmental Educator for the Peace Corps in Panama. Sara’s fast-track education and career moves have propelled her into leadership roles well beyond her young age, having found focus and meaningful expression through her purpose discovery.


Here’s Sara’s expression of what discovering her 

purpose has meant to her: “I see myself truly accomplishing things I would have previously just seen as dreams. I am on track and am making things happen. Being on purpose has had a huge impact on my life.”


What if you could fast-track your own life to your next stage?

… to have more nuanced purpose, focus your choices and keep you excited to go to work? If you could imagine your life expanding? If you could imagine that direction contributing to your own sense of well-being, fulfillment and contribution.


Well, you can.

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Emergence Institute

Holly Woods, PhD

ⓒ 2020 Emergence Institute