What to Do When You’re Flying Blind

There is no predicting what will happen or where we’ll be forced to go after tomorrow.

It’s like driving in winter white-out conditions. Have you been there?

Driving in blizzard conditions during my tenure in the Colorado Rockies was as close as I’ve been to flying blind.

Those mid-winter conditions where heavy snow pummels your windshield and the reduced visibility creates a topsy-turvy vertigo. Or the heavy spring snow that’s so full of moisture you can hear the snow “thump” and splatter on your windshield. Either circumstance made it nearly impossible to navigate the road.

Add to that the snowmelt-turned-to-slippery-black-ice on top of near-zero visibility, the awareness of a hundred other blind and possibly unprepared high country drivers in cars-turned-assault vehicle and curvy mountain roads perched above steep ravines.

Those conditions produced that kind of white-knuckle dread of a pilot who’s flying blind.

Kinda like now.

No matter how old you are and what you’ve experienced in life, we have no known reference points for this phase of humanity.

So we’ll be flying blind for a while as we emerge from this hellhole or chrysalis, depending on how you’re holding it all.

The hyperbolic expression “flying blind” originated during World War II, used by pilots who could not see the horizon and therefore had to rely on instruments. Often they’d be in foreign ‘enemy’ territory, with no awareness of who or what was below or around them.

The fear of course about flying blind is the uncertainty that lies ahead or behind. You don’t know where you are, or where you’re going, so the reference points that usually guide you are absent.

And now. We can’t look to typical personal or societal instruction manuals, or instrument panels, for our current experience. It’s all new territory. We have no idea what’s really in the current mix, or what to anticipate.

And most often, our response to the fear of living in this level of uncertainty is to regress to the last uncomfortable or painful experience and imagine what could happen.

And we get stuck in believing we have limited capacity when we’re in stressful situations.

We’re fearful we won’t be up for the task of what’s next. Or we’ll fall behind, be forced into even more uncomfortable circumstances, or lose our way altogether.

All of those potentials seem viable right now. No wonder it feels like a hellhole chrysalis to some of us.

Whether you’re living in the U.S. or not, everyone everywhere around the globe is anticipating what will happen tomorrow. All my clients, friends and colleagues in the farthest reaches of the globe are telling me that the U.S. election is on everyone’s mind, and we all know how crucial this decision is for the salvation of the human species and the planet.

But suffering? That’s on us.

Our suffering is based in the reality we create for ourselves.

The political debacle and circus-like election shenanigans and civic unrest and social injustices and the climate crisis and the pandemic and the lockdown and fires and smoke and hurricanes and global destabilization are real. For sure.

But our own experience of it all is dictated by our reaction. Not by the events themselves.

As real are the emergence of novel innovations in energy and technology and consciousness and agriculture and economic models and health that will take us to our next stage of humanity. I could spend pages enumerating the remarkable innovations now either operating or in the works on the planet.

Do we react to those? Are those transitional artifacts of emerging conscious culture as dominant in our psyches as the devastating news that’s being fed to us?

What are we tending to, in our conscious awareness?

There are some essential instructions about how to be in this current plight that can help us imagine a world that is beyond the travesty of our current experience. An inner state of higher consciousness and attending to the emerging possibilities will create the world we wish to live in.

In my mind, science and spirituality have finally merged.

As a student and practitioner of both, I experience the distance between the fields as having collapsed, finally. We have collected enough data and said enough prayers that our understanding of the basic laws of the universe are now common knowledge. We have worked through the paradoxical nature of reality so thoroughly at this point that we can no longer distinguish what integrous men and women of the cloth and the academe are telling us.

We have achieved a decent-enough understanding of the universal laws of nature that we can now say without hesitation, in good conscience,

We know how to create a different reality.

Just in the nick of time.

Steps and Tools for Navigating the Uncertainty

So here we are. These are just some of the tools and the mindset to create an instruction manual for stepping through the cocoon of your past, to guide you through life’s uncertainty. To be your balm in the next few days or months or years, as we step into the next paradigm of humanity on this planet.

And there will be more. This is just a start.

Step 1: You are Way More than you Imagine Yourself to Be.

You are NOT just the material world version of yourself you see in the mirror.

The science and new understandings behind subtle energyconsciousnessstages of consciousnessemergence and other superhuman capacities is well beyond conjecture and supported by decades of deep scientific inquiry (if your spiritual beliefs hadn’t already taken you there).

The truest version of you isn’t daunted by the blinding nature of our material world, but has an expanded awareness that offers an inconceivable vision that will carry you into the future.

You only need to envision who you truly are to invite it into your present awareness.

Get in touch with that version of you in this FREE guided visualization to Accelerate Your Evolution and step into the undaunted inconceivable version of you.

It’s a start, anyway.

Step 2: You have an internal GPS to Guide and Stabilize You.

Since birth, your purpose has been a guidance system designed to guide you on your path. Listening to your Purpose GPS and following its trajectory will not only take you down the road to clarity and meaning, but will stabilize you in tough times and build resilience for the long haul.

There’s enough data about purpose and its multi-faceted effect on your life to fill a small library, in case you were wondering. I share much of that research in my book The Golden Thread.

Start to access your internal guidance system with this FREE audio mini-course that will help you uncover your Golden Thread and Pivot on Purpose: Turn Your Dreams into Meaningful and Profitable Work.

We have the tools. Why would you delay living your most meaningful and profitable life?

Step 3: Anything is Possible.

The science of manifestation has now advanced enough that “thoughts become things” is no longer a secret. The evolved science of epigeneticsheart coherence and the capacity of our humanity demonstrates the significance of a Possibility Mindset to believe that we are the creators of our future. It is truly in our hands.

The practices of FutureScoping™, Heart Coherence and Sensation-ization™ are techniques that I use and teach my clients that create a portal to an alternate reality that keeps you from being stuck in the fear-based one.

Come experience these techniques in community. See #6 below.

Step 4: The Road is Paved from Purpose to Impact.

We know how to get from here to there. You only have to choose the path.

You can have it all- that awesome one-of-a-kind meaningful life you crave that not only fills you with joy and abundance but in which you can become a Creator of your own burning desires and make a difference in the world.

I’ve been testing this as a scientist and practitioner for several decades now, and have a tried-and-true methodology to get you from purpose to your unique impactful expression.

Download the FREE validated Purpose to Impact Roadmap to make a difference in the world. To tackle and realize your World Work. Now.

And if you want to even learn more, schedule a Discovery Session or see #6 below.

Step 5: You Can Make a [One in 400 Quadrillion] Difference.

The very odds of you being here at this time with your history, life experiences, lineage, talents and skillsets in this life are literally mind-blowingly close to zero. There’s a 1 in 400 quadrillion chance (that’s 10 with 45 zeros!!) that you’d show up as you!

There’s nobody else who’s going to contribute, offer and share what you can in this lifetime on the planet (or anywhere else).

Are you ready to pivot to a more authentic version of you and create your greatest contribution (as a product or business) to share with the world?

If yes, I’d love to hear more about what YOU need in order to do so.

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Step 6: You Can’t Do it Alone.

We literally need each other.

More of us than ever have entered the late Subtle Tier, a stage of consciousness where we are ready to be co-creators, collaborators, actors together on this new world stage.

And, luckily, we have each other. The world has opened up like never before to create spaces and sanctuaries where we can be seen, heard, loved and connected. The lockdown created a paradoxical intimacy-within-separation never imagined across the world.

Despite all odds, we’re more connected than ever.

Join me in a new co-creative community for people like you and me who want to create their lives around purpose.

We need co-learning, co-leading and co-labing.

We need insights, updates, and innovation.

We need harmony, coherence and emergence.

And to that end, I’m officially launching the Purpose Creators Collective.

The Purpose Creators Collective is a home for you to grow your purposeful life, work and business with mentoring, courses and the company of aligned peers. It will be a laboratory, incubator, sacred container and support network for those of us emerging into our next expression. All rolled into one.

This platform will be your home to your new purposeful self, where you can bring the embodied version of you, the insecure or nervous AND the emerging version of you and everything in between. We’ll build it together.

While the instruction manual doesn’t exist, the laws of the universe are here to guide us and I’m studying them as fast as I can to bring them to you. To be a bridge between science and spirit, heaven and earth, spirit and the material world of your innate contributions.

Let’s design your Life and World Work around Purpose.

Purpose is the driving force for evolution, and the answer for each of us to create the future we long for.

Join me in the Purpose Creators Collective. Act now to secure a Discounted Founding Member seat (with additional discounts on all Emergence Institute coursework in the future). It’s FREE for 2 weeks, then an easy investment if you join by 12/31/20. The investment goes up on 1/1/21.

Finally, there’s a path forward. You don’t have to do it alone. There is a community for people like us. For all of us.

Join me.

Emergence Institute

Holly Woods, PhD

ⓒ 2020 Emergence Institute