Who Are You Birthing, Now?

who are you birthing now

What has changed for you since the pandemic erupted, taking away any sense of normalcy?

Certainly you’ve seen some changes emerge in your life.

For the last few months I’ve spoken almost obsessively about the Fear of the Unknown, the most foundational fear of all fears.

Now I know why.

Being required to adapt.

As we’re now confronted with one of the greatest “uncertainties” of the modern/ postmodern era- What Happens Next?- we’re called to face the world, and ourselves, newly.

And whether you like it or not, you’ve been required to adjust.

In this case, your own adjustments may look like lockdown or shut-in. Layoff or life pivot. You may be experiencing greater demands on your time, or fewer. You may have greater loneliness (if you’re isolating alone,) or too much closeness (if you’re locked in with family or roommates.) And so many other small and large adjustments.

And you may be more aware than ever of your own (and others) faults, frailties, and limitations. Every circumstance in your life catalyzes you to adapt, regardless of your awareness of the slow and often painful process of allowing something new to emerge.

Typically, you only notice the difficult or challenging adaptations, as the pain of evolving nudges us out of inertia. Adaptation takes a toll on complacency.

And that’s a good thing, even if a disruption of the status quo doesn’t feel pleasing in the moment.

The Benefits of Adaptation

The windfall of adaptation is the evolved being you become. You birth new insights, perspectives, behaviors and capacity as a result of the challenge.


I recently published this article, Why Purpose? Why Now?, describing how this momentous crisis is helping us evolve as humans. It may help to explain on a bigger scale how I see purpose emerging as the significant benefactor of this experience.


And truly I could spend a whole day listing out the silver linings that I’m witnessing, both in my own life, the context of our culture, and around the globe.


What are you noticing in your own life that seems to be a direct benefit of your adaptations, both in your internal milieu and in your external environment?


Whether it’s exciting, scary, inspiring, daunting, intimidating, relieving… no matter your emotional response to the adaptation…


What new expression of you is emerging newly, ready to tiptoe or even saunter into the “other side” of this dilemma?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

About the Author

Dr. Holly Woods is the Author of a recent #1 Bestseller, The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life. This book will dispel any notion that your life doesn’t matter. [download a free chapter from The Golden Thread here.]

Holly Woods PhD is a visionary who sees deeply into others’ souls. She activates and catalyzes what wants to come alive in people and guides them to manifest their dreams through practical strategies.

Holly brings 30 years of consulting and coaching in human and organizational development and two decades of experience building and scaling business and products to help entrepreneurs, visionaries and innovators create impact. 

She helps clients uncover their nuanced purpose, gain capacities and mindset to attain their unreasonable goals, and align decisions, products, strategies and systems around what matters most. Get a free copy of the tried-and-true Purpose to Impact Roadmap she uses to create that alignment and amplification in the world.

Holly earned a PhD in Human & Organizational Development, is certified as an Integral Master Coach®, Purpose Guide®, Professional Mediator and Facilitator, Master Energy Practitioner, and is a Stages of Consciousness developmental practitioner.

Holly is migrating her website from Holly Woods Coaching to her newest evolved expession at Emergence Institute. You can also schedule a 30 minute Strategy session with Holly.

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