Why in the World Does Purpose Matter?

Purpose Matters

And especially on a day like today (what’s the crisis du jour? it’s always something…).


You’ve probably noticed recently a huge uptick in people across the planet becoming engaged with Purpose.


In fact, it’s now considered an indicator of having lived a successful life, even more than wealth, a prestigious career, and positions of notoriety (NetImpact 2012). Purpose is even reported as being among the top three indicators of a successful career (Levit & Licina, 2011)


There are 2 reasons for this: Purpose has a positive affect on two primary areas of our lives – health and well-being. And there are tons of data to back that up, included in my upcoming book, The Golden Thread. 


But as a teaser, Purpose affects your personal income and business performance, job satisfaction, life span, acute, chronic & mental health, self-care and even love. 


Knowing your Purpose, and living it, affects every facet of your life, leading more and more people to want it.

So while there’s this huge surge in the “drive” to live purposefully, it seems that most people aren’t able, ready or willing to do the seeking. 


And even if most people are ready and willing, they don’t know how to “find” it.


So while more and more people are “craving” to know their Purpose, most don’t know how to get there.