Hi there!

I am Holly.

Because you deserve to live THAT life that’s waiting to be unleashed. And because the world needs that version of you now. Undeniably more than ever. ​

About me

Purpose activator, entrepreneur, scientist, author, speaker, innovation, product and systems consultant and undaunted catalyst to help you become the most alive, emergent and embodied version of yourself and to achieve all that.

My purpose is to help YOU manifest your own Big Hairy Audacious Goals in this life, so you too can have more impact.

I moved my bravado Texas roots to the West in my mid-20s, where I landed in Colorado. In the 2nd half of life, I traversed the rugged peaks and wide valleys of the Rocky Mountains as I journeyed through the slippery slopes of my own life. Never undaunted, I sought refuge in the wilderness of the outdoors as I healed my childhood wounding from the inside-out. In what I now call my 3rd half, a ‘calling’ pulled me to the San Francisco Bay, California, where I’ve grown into the expansive version of myself in the sanctuaries of redwood-lined foothills of Mt. Tamalpais and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

Over the course of my dozens of careers and 30-plus years as a Master Coach and Scientist of Human & Organizational Development, I’ve uncovered just a few things about how to live into our greatest potential as humans. In addition to my #1 Bestselling Book The Golden Thread, I have a tried-and-true Purpose to Impact Roadmap that almost guarantees people like you can uncover and unleash your purpose and build a career or business around that. 

People are inspired by the courageous way I have faced my own life, and the joy I now have in my life and work.

People ask me…?

“How did you find work that makes you so happy? How do I get that?”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on this unstoppable journey to figure out who I am. As a little girl, I heard voices that told me I was here to do something important. Many times when life felt overwhelming or too painful to stay, I heard the voice again, telling me I couldn’t go. I had important work to do.

So I kept plugging away despite decades of trauma, depression and suicidal ideation, trying to figure out who I was, so I could stay on the planet to do that important work. My polymath capacity kept me exploring and mastering many aptitudes so I could find the answers to the most important question of my life- “who am I meant to be?” so that my life would be meaningful enough to stay.

I spent several decades in trauma recovery and what seemed like many non-linear career paths to gain an appreciation for the gifts of those experiences. I realized my life had perfectly prepared me to not only live into my purpose and potential, offering my greatest gifts, but had given me the capacities and tools to help people like you and have fun doing it!

I do what I do so you can live fully, doing what matters.

And through all those careers, rigorous study, and trial-and-error, I’ve figured out how to help you find your purpose, and build a life and work that emerges from that. So you can respond to the world as it emerges organically before you, and create a meaningful and impactful life full of abundance and joy.


I’ve been a devotee of the human experience.


I’ve been on a non-stop quest to understand ‘who we are’ as humans. 


As PhD research faculty at five major universities. Through 30 years of deep spiritual awakening practices. During a 35 year Master Coaching career and as a Master energy medicine practitioner. As a Professional Mediator and facilitator, business consultant and human rights activist. As a visionary with clairvoyant and intuitive capacities. Facing near-death experiences climbing North America’s highest mountains and traversing icy couloirs and crumbling rock faces. By creating the perfect petri dish to facilitate the journey for the four children I raised. In guiding thousands of clients and hundreds of entrepreneurs to become more of who they really are so they could start or scale their purpose-driven businesses. And by sharing my bestselling transformational book The Golden Thread during the 2020 pandemic.


I’m undeniable proof that one life really can make a difference, when you are driven by purpose and listen to what is emerging in you.

I believe that you have a unique, nuanced one-of-a-kind purpose. And that when you’re guided by that which matters most, you’re inspired and unstoppable.​


When you uncover your deep soul level purpose, you come to know yourself as irrepressible. Not only do you experience new opportunities and open doors, but you develop a “can’t not do” attitude that’s far beyond anything that’s ever inspired you.

When you uncover your deep soul level purpose, you come to know yourself as irrepressible. Not only do you experience new opportunities and open doors, but you develop a “can’t not do” attitude that’s far beyond anything that’s ever inspired you.


I’ve learned how to live that life. My journey wasn’t easy, but it was worth it to get here. To live a version of me that’s unstoppable and continually growing and expanding into a more joyous, more free and more expressed version of me.


After we’ve worked together for a while, my clients tell me they feel that they’ve ‘come home’ to themselves.


I’ll attest that there’s no greater place to be than comfortable in your own skin. To feel the sense of belonging TO YOURSELF that accompanies living on purpose ​

Purpose is learning to be more of who you are, and less of who you are not.


I came to help you live your most purposeful, empowered self.


And when you live into that version of you, you begin to see that even your dreams were limited. Because you couldn’t conceive of what you’re truly capable of being and doing in the world.


You become capable of living into your BHAG- your Big Hairy Audacious Goals.


You become a Rebel with a Purpose. Someone who knows that your life and work matters. So you get up every day knowing that what you do today will make a difference because you know you can have impact when you live into your potential.


When you are living Purpose, you begin to emerge as your most empowered self. Making your biggest contribution. Living your best damn life. Now, not later, because you can.


It’s no longer about hard work and luck.


It’s about finding a “state” of ease and synchronicity where you’re in greatest alignment with yourself. As you understand and begin to ‘live as if’ you are your purpose, you become a ‘non-resistant’ being to the world happening in, through and around you.


When you’re in purpose alignment, you become harmonized with the life that is most naturally attempting to emerge through you.

And then, naturally, when you become harmonized or ‘in flow’ with life, you are spontaneously supported by the universe. You can learn to live with little to no ‘effort.’ And as the quantum field flows through you, it naturally brings in things that are in alignment with your purpose and your way of being in the world. Synchronicity happens spontaneously when you truly live in that place.


Most of my current clients experience a massive increase in these moments of synchronicity as they claim and execute their purpose through products or business.


This may sound hoaky to you. But remember, I was a devoted scientist and truth-seeker long before I was a devotee to my soul (and yours) or the quantum field.


When you are in alignment, you become one with the quantum field and you learn how to have faith that this is the natural way of being. The natural laws of the universe.

Living on purpose, which creates a state of flow, is basically living according to the natural order of things. It is science writ large.

I find this to be the most significant reason to live on purpose.


When living in that level of alignment, things become easier and certainly more natural.


Life emerges through you.

Emergence Institute

Holly Woods, PhD

ⓒ 2020 Emergence Institute