Purpose Without Expression Won’t Create Meaning or Impact

Our clients and Emergence Network members not only discover their deep soul purpose. They also make bold and courageous moves because they know who they are and they’re inspired to bring their visions to life.

Curious how to express what’s emerging inside of you?


Founder & CEO

“Our work yielded a significant breakthrough framework that I’m now using to understand my business, my ideal client, and myself”

I approached Holly because I wanted to dive deeper into my purpose and how it relates to the programs and products I offer. Holly’sRead More



“Holly is a holistic coach, and it seems there is no terrain she can’t travel.”

“I deeply enjoyed working with Holly as a coach around purpose, as it seems to be the most important, deepest work we can do! I am at a place in my life where I want to be of service, and Holly helped me… Read More



“I’ve been given a map…  to tie together the loose ends.”

I’ve been given a map, a way of observing and tying together the loose ends of all the things I do that allows me to have more focus, and be more introspective and clear on how my gifts are expressed… Read More



“Holly helped uncover real personal meaning and I began living a more purpose-fueled life.”

Every once in awhile you come across a teacher/mentor who makes a difference. Holly Woods is that kind of teacher with a wealth of… Read More



“My creative blocks are virtually gone! This work has, in a sense, really woken me up.”

For the first time in years I feel creatively inspired, more in tune with my true nature, and excited about life. The fire is alive and well. Visions and insights come to me every day. It’s been so wonderfulRead More


CEO, Founder

“With a clear understanding of what I was called to do, my life has taken on a whole new meaning.”

With Holly’s help I have identified my unique leadership process and I am working on writing a book to offer the process to the world. I cannot say enough about Holly Woods and how working with her… Read More



I came to know myself and my purpose on a deep level, and I developed a clear pathway to bring that purpose to life… our work enabled me to be the leader, visionary, and guide that I am today.”

Holly is an incredible coach, mentor and guide. I had the honor of working with her in 2019, and the work we did together continues to unfold 3 years later… Read More


Founder, Chairman

“My business is dramatically improved. Since working with Holly, I have a much better outlook on myself, my life, my capabilities and my business.”

This is reflected in my passion for renewed leadership of my company. I particularly like the practical homework and pragmatic actions… Read More


Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

“I recommend Holly to anyone who wants to bring a vision to life. In six short months, Holly helped me remove my internal blockages and gain great clarity on a business model that didn’t exist yet.”

Holly was always enthusiastically committed to me, my success, and my greatest purpose. I was able to discuss things with her that I couldn’t discuss or flush out anywhere elseRead More


Vice President, VP Strategy

“The work we did was some of the most impactful personal work I’ve ever done… take the time to invest in yourself… She brings constructive empathy that allows for more in-depth analysis and learning.”

I can confidently say that the work I did with Holly was some of the deepest and most impactful personal work I’ve ever done. I highly recommend taking the time to invest in yourself by working with Holly Woods…” Read More



“Holly was able to give me many tools to address difficult conversations and situations I was encountering, and these tools led to extremely productive engagement with my colleagues… She enabled personal transformation that will be with me for life.”

My company invested in Executive Coaches for a number of senior executives, and I was paired with Holly… Read More



“The truth of what she saw struck me at my core, a deep recognition of what I’d always been. I felt the transformation in my work and life immediately afterwards and to this day.”

“I remember the moment Holly reflected back to me an essential aspect of my unique calling: kaboom! The truth of what she saw stuck me at my core, a deep recognition of what I’d always been… Read More



“Holly was very quick to understand and feel the essence of my work, and helped to shape it for greater success.”

My business did a strategy day with Holly and in 8 hours we literally took my... Read More


Founder, Chairman

“I have more impact now than ever before.”

Work with Holly benefited every sphere of my life. I have more impact now than ever before. Holly masterfully creates a trusting container forRead More



“I’m relating to life from a soulful and purposeful place- it’s like having saturated color in a world that could often appear drab.”

You were a partner for me in coming to know myself in a deeper register, helping open me to a whole different way of being in the world, with... Read More



“I truly respect and admire this woman and can’t imagine how anyone can impact the world without her.”

I’ve had the pure pleasure of working with Holly on embedding my business in purpose. New, more soulful ideas have been arising in me for some years now. But I didn’t quite trust myself to carry them out.Read More



“Holly is a brilliant, multidimensional wizard. She has a way of diving oceans-deep for the gems not visible else-wise.”

Earlier this year, I came to an impasse. I knew I had a plethora of gifts for the world, but I wasn’t sure about which form they should take next. Or why so few of my conceptual “babies” had birthed... Read More


Executive Director

“I embraced parts of myself that I had previously experienced as challenges.”

Working with Holly in a personalized and individualized way has been a true gift for me. Her unique combination of skills and traits (such as her professionalism, guidance, intuition, humor, sensitivity, deepRead More



“Holly gave me confidence, accountability, courage, and faith in the possibility that my life could be different.”

It was deeply spiritual and earth-moving transformational work in areas I didn’t expect. I felt so relieved to relinquish the beliefs and roles that... Read More



“Holly is an A+ Coach.”

Holly is an A+ Coach. She’s able to see things that no one else can see.



“I am braver, more able to challenge myself and believe I have the capacity to move beyond my small self.”

I am getting more skilled at living my purpose each day, person by person. I’ve come to know that the gift of ‘Deep Presence’ is an unusual awareness and capacity that I bring to the world that is powerful, impactful... Read More



“ I’m relaxed and confident, and let go of blocks related to my need for approval.”

I’m working to develop my new career where before I had fear. I’m relaxed and confident, and let go of blocks related to my need for approval. I realized I need to have more fun and nourish myself in order... Read More



“Be who you really are and live like there is no end.”

Holly captures the bright light we all carry deep within. Not only has her work allowed me to know my purpose, but also opened the floodgates to the real choice of infinite possibilities. Her work holds space... Read More



“This helped me focus-in on what is essential to shaping my career.”

I highly recommend working with Holly. She is delightful, motivated and has keen insight. I found the work to be stimulating and... Read More


Environmental Educator

“I am creating projects for my future.”

I see myself truly accomplishing things I would have previously just seen as... Read More



“Create a Satisfying Life”

Holly’s insight and wisdom helped me to find my voice and create a more satisfying life.


FileMaker Pro Database Developer

“She was able to uncover some resistance and blind spots that kept me from sharing my capacity, and she patiently guided me to have insight about and overcome them.”

As a result of working with Holly to clarify my gifts and purpose, I have a much deeper sense of myself and what I am to do and be in my retirement years. She was able to uncover some resistance and blind spots... Read More



“Holly’s skills are remarkable and effective. She was able to hone in on exactly what needed healing, and helped me to bolster the tattered and frayed aspects that remained in my psyche.”

When I met Holly, I was struggling with self worth and becoming visible, at the tail end of a healing journey from a great deal of prolonged traumatic... Read More


Chief Education Officer

“She has the energy and insights of a whole team.”

Holly is a visionary, brilliant colleague with the energy and insights of a whole team. In my collaborations with Holly, we both engaged in a creative dynamic that pushed us to deliver an outcome that... Read More


School Director

“Her work produced tangible and effective solutions.”

Holly did outstanding work for us at UCSF in preparing, designing, and facilitating our result-oriented staff retreat. Her thoughtful preparation included developing questionnaires and interviewing staff to prioritize... Read More


Clinical Education Administrator

“She helped us gently uncover some of the hidden aspects of how we were creating redundant processes and offered great recommendations for streamlining our work.”

Holly’s upbeat and clear communication made our work fun and productive. Her facilitation was a great balance between deepening our relationships with one another and getting things accomplished... Read More



“She’s a highly skilled communicator with a keen sense of how to use resources in complex systems.”

Holly came in at a critical period of reorganization for the company. She brought the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and care while helping us pinpoint the bleeding point of resources that we were seeking but could not see because we were stuck in... Read More


Former  Learning Manager

“Suggested significant yet simple-to-make changes during a critical stage for our company that had an immediate and powerful impact.”

Holly provided valuable insights and suggested significant yet simple-to-make changes during a critical stage for our company that had an... Read More


Senior Leadership Solutions Partner

“Her compassion for people creates a sincere and balanced head and heart perspective.”

Perseverance, drive, passion, and integrity are the first words that come to mind when describing Holly. Her devotion to life-long learning and her compassion for people creates a sincere and balanced head... Read More



“Her work is carefully crafted, concise and clarifying. I cannot recommend Holly’s work highly enough.”

Many of us are leading lives of “quiet desperation,” aimlessly moving through life without a clear destination or purpose. Holly’s Purpose Flywheel process offers a remedy, a ground-breaking self-discovery... Read More


Leadership Consultant, Co-Founder

“Holly has brilliant insights, draws on an incredible breadth of material from science to spirituality, and holds your feet to the fire in a catalysing and loving way.”

Holly’s coaching enabled me to delve deeply into my purpose and to see the “golden thread” that pulled together the many and varied parts of... Read More


Development Specialist

“Holly is a trusted advisor and partner in the world.”

When I started working with Holly, I followed my intuition and trusted she was crossing my path for a reason. I started working with Holly with a little leap of faith, and it turned out to be the best choice... Read More

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