Playbook for Navigating Our Wild Future

Learn How to Stay Sane, Come Alive and Live On Purpose in an Uncertain and Chaotic World

In this fantastic 28-page playbook by Holly Woods, PhD & Author of the best-selling book The Golden Thread, you’ll learn the secret (and often sacred) tools for becoming a more embodied and evolved version of you. This book was created with so much joy to help you to not only overcome the challenges of life, but also to thrive as you learn to surf the reality of our unfolding world. Enjoy!

It’s a tough and exciting world out there right now. 

As humans, we must learn to adapt and transform so we can respond to the stressors of both the current and future systems on the planet. 

You may be feeling the great disruption…

And you may also be experiencing the incredible shifts that are bringing new ways of being.

It’s a Both/And.

We need to become Anti-Fragile, to learn to adapt and respond in real-time to the events of our lives.

And we need to become Magical, to learn how to align with what matters to us, so we can call on the powers of quantum reality and invite in the magic of synchronicity.

In this playbook, you’ll discover:

  • How to evoke your imagination that rewires your whole Being (not just your brain!) to create a new reality
  • Questions to help you listen to your curiosities to follow the breadcrumbs of your soul 
  • Explore how to bring inspired energy to your day through playful whimsical acts 
  • How to cultivate deep soul awareness guiding you to your essential soul purpose
  • Tools on how to get grounded so you can have an inside-out experience and follow your inner truths
  • How to explore your “failures” so you can harvest the learning and turn it into innovation
  • What “Inner Mastery” is, why it’s changed Holly’s life, and how it can change yours

      …And more!

            Learn How to Turn Your Dreams Into Meaningful Work

            Pivot on Purpose: Turn your Vision into a Meaningful and Profitable Business or Career

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            This Roadmap is available to you for Free to provide an in-depth overview of what it takes to live into a life and work doing what matters to you! This Roadmap is the synthesis of 30+ years of Dr. Holly Woods’ experience in the science, practice and application of purpose-led strategies.

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            Purpose serves as your GPS, guiding your life trajectory, whether you listen or not. It can help you reach for the seemingly unattainable and stop compromising who you are and were meant to be.

            And a free chapter of the book to get you started…


            Get the Free Chapter of The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life

            Meet Your Future Self and Uncover Your Higher Purpose!

            This short visualization will help you begin to imagine who you are when you’re living into your highest calling, or your most potent purposeful and powerful life. By imagining this powerful being, you can start to energetically and psychically accelerate your own evolution. In this way, you can begin to have more impact and contribution, and potentially help solve some of the most urgent problems on the planet.

            Most people in the world try to imagine their lives, their futures, their possibilities from an overwhelmed disillusioned version of themself, or from an efforting and egoistic version of themself. Their conception is constricted, constrained, and dominated by egoic fears that want to keep them safe and small.

            When you’re in that place of fear, doubt, and constriction, you’ll find it hard to figure out what is of you, and what is not of you.

            And yet, even amid this dilemma, you are so much more than that. You are a powerful being.

            In fact, you came here to be a magnificent, expanded, heroic Being.

            In all truth, we are perfectly designed for being here on the planet, living into our true power and potential, even if the world provides triggers to make us hugely uncomfortable.

            So I invite you to join me and begin to imagine what it’s like to call in your magnificent, expanded, and heroic Being.

            Get Your download of the High Purpose audio visualization

            “Find something more important than you are and dedicate your life to it.” —Daniel Dennett

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