Turn Your Dreams into Meaningful Work

Pivot on Purpose: Transform your Dreams into Meaningful and Profitable Work

In this fantastic audio course by Holly Woods PhD, founder of Emergence Institute and bestselling author of The Golden Thread, you’ll learn three simple strategies to move from purpose alignment to manifesting the life and work of your dreams. Because while you may crave clarity about your purpose – so you can make a contribution and get fulfillment – you may not know how to get there.
This 3-session audio course will help you to:
  • Start your journey to a purpose-driven life
  • Uncover what’s standing in your way
  • Guide you to uncover the purposeful Golden Thread that is your soul’s journey through this lifetime, and 
  • ​Take bold steps into your greatest contribution.
This free audio course will show you that purpose is already alive in you, and has guided you all along in ways you couldn’t see.
Take advantage of 35 years of transformational science, practice and wisdom of Holly Woods PhD. Not only is Holly a veteran purpose activator, spiritual guide, scientist and best-selling author, she’s also an innovator, entrepreneur and business coach that guides people like you into purpose-aligned lives and work, helping them build products and businesses that have impact. 
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