The Pivot into Purpose-Driven Products individualized coaching and mentoring program will help you gain clarity, confidence and courage to step into your purpose-driven work so you can have more impact and build a viable career or business doing what matters most.

This program is designed for people who have a very nuanced understanding of their essential purpose, who have released at least some of the blocks to living into their power, and who desire to create or redesign a new life, career or business aligned with their essential purpose.

If you are unsure about whether you are ready for this program, complete this Coaching Application Survey (link)

In this 2 month, 4 session coaching and mentoring package, your experiences may include:

  • Renegotiate roles and meaningful expressions
  • Reweave the story of your Golden Thread into your life
  • Take small bold steps into your future
  • Specify niche and viable markets for work and or career
  • Creating a possibility mindset to take on purpose-driven goals
  • Align with your energetic, psychic, somatic, and emotional imprints to guide decision-making
  • Create practical feedback loops to guide actions and decisions
  • Creating a big vision in alignment with your purpose
  • Step into full alignment with your purpose to allow synchronicity
  • Create transitional pathways for career/ business
  • Conduct initial product and user experience testing
  • Design first (or subsequent) stage business models and delivery systems
  • Create support systems and partnerships

The 2 Month Program includes:


Four 90-minute sessions (preferably bi-weekly) designed to elicit a deeper relationship with yourself, your soul and its messages in order to elicit your understanding of and resonance with your soul purpose; and to create an action plan and strategies for living your purpose. All sessions will be by internet (Zoom), or telephone unless otherwise arranged.


Email/text and occasional phone coaching support to include discussion about experiences and feelings that may arise while you are in observation of experiences during your offline practices and meditations, to be in support of your continued growth and effort between the sessions.

The Fee for this 2 month program is $2000.

If you are interested in the Pivot into Purpose- Driven Products Coaching & Mentoring program, complete this

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