Purpose to Impact Acceleration Coaching

The Purpose to Impact Acceleration Coaching & Mentoring Program is a guided journey to create your purpose-directed life, gain clarity about your purpose through self-discovery, and support the genius you are uniquely designed to bring in this lifetime in order to take action in the world for more impact. 


From this purpose activation work, you are more likely to bring your talents, gifts and the deeper truth of who you are to the planet and to humanity. You will be guided and directed to create new roles, new products and/or a new (or redesigned) business. You will experience an identity shift as you begin to live “as if” you are embodying your purpose. You may experiment and/or inhabit a new job, career or start a project or business. Anything is possible when you begin to align with your purpose.


And, you will also personally experience a better life. Extensive research now demonstrates that people who live “on purpose” are four times more likely to be engaged fully with their career, have a 31% increase in the feeling of love in their relationships, and add 7 years to their life. They’re also more likely to have higher income, be promoted, have lower levels of stress and trauma, and outperform peers. You can learn more about how Purpose may be useful to health, well-being, productivity, personal and organizational success in my recent #1 bestselling book, The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life. 


This Purpose to Impact Acceleration Coaching Program process provides a proven and validated structure, developed over 35 years of intensive work with clients and in my own life and across dozens of scientific, therapeutic, healing, facilitative and entrepreneurial domains. The 12 “steps” are articulated in the Purpose to Impact Roadmap, which you may download at https://bit.ly/PurposeImpactRoadmap. 

During each of the twelve 90-minute sessions of the program, you will receive customized exercises, meditations, self-exploration and other practices for you to access your life and soul purpose.  These exercises and practices are the synthesis of several decades of my study, practice and innovation as a scientist and practitioner. As the client, you bring your past, your presence and your intent to uncover who you really are and why you’re on this planet.  I believe that you already have the answers inside of you, and my job is to help you uncover the wisdom that is in your head, heart, soul and body. I will support you to stay true to that innate wisdom and to work toward your life purpose that guides you on the path to being your most potentiated self. 


The Purpose to Impact Acceleration Coaching Program is a six month customized rigorous process that will require a self-reflective attitude and an openness to discovery. As you reveal what your soul is calling you to be, you will gain the clarity and confidence to move forward into that expression. For you to benefit from this process, we will rely on an agreement of honesty, acceptance, trust and compassion to gain access to who you are. The benefit of having me as your coach to maneuver through this process is that you have a built-in support system, someone to walk with you on your transformational journey, and to gain access to a greater part of you and all you’re meant to be than you could provide for yourself. As your coach, mentor and guide, I am 100% committed to you being authentic to who you are and successful in the walk to get there.


Anticipated Outcomes of the Program

Depending on where you are in  your own journey, the outcomes of this six month program are likely to include:

True Alignment with Purpose:

  • Gain deep granularity about your facets of purpose, including the “thing you cannot do”
  • Uncover how purpose has lived within you for a lifetime, and the stories you’ve created about who you are
  • Rediscover and reclaim your purposeful identity based in the essence and power of your unique one-of-a-kind purpose
  • Create clarity about who you are and the purpose and unique one-of-a-kind gifts you bring
  • Explore how you limit your own purposeful manifestation through limiting beliefs, blocks, doubts and self-sabotage, and how that prohibits you 
  • Reweave the story of your Golden Thread into your life
  • Write a new story about your life that begins to “make sense” of it all, so that no part of you is left out (which begins to resolve any feelings of victimization or shame)
  • Begin to integrate these parts of you that have kept you from living fully into your true self


Agility in Expression of Purpose:

  • Further explore how your ego-system limit your own purposeful expression and recreate an ecosystem that supports you instead  
  • Renegotiate roles and meaningful expressions
  • Reweave the story of your Golden Thread into your life
  • Take small bold steps into your future
  • Specify niche and viable markets for work and or career
  • Create a possibility mindset to take on purpose-driven goals
  • Align with your energetic, psychic, somatic, and emotional imprints to guide decision-making
  • Create practical feedback loops to guide actions and decisions


Amplified Purpose and Vision:

  • Create a big vision and alignment
  • Step into full alignment with your purpose to allow synchronicity
  • Create transitional pathways for career/ business
  • Create support systems and partnerships
  • Build product testing and delivery systems

The Six Month Program includes:

Twelve 90-minute sessions (preferably bi-weekly) designed to elicit a deeper relationship with yourself, your soul and its messages in order to elicit your understanding of and resonance with your soul purpose; to reduce your unconscious resistance to living your soul purpose due to limiting beliefs, habits or trauma from the past; and to create an action plan and strategies for living your purpose. All sessions will be by internet (Zoom), or telephone unless otherwise arranged.


Between-session review and analysis by Dr. Holly Woods of personalized responses to exercises, homework, dream interpretation and grounded qualitative analysis and synthesis of multiple sources of information about your purpose.


Email/text and occasional phone coaching support to include discussion about experiences and feelings that may arise while you are in observation of experiences during your offline practices and meditations, to be in support of your continued growth and effort between the sessions.


The Fee for this 6 month program is $5500.


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