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Since the release of her #1 Bestselling Book in spring 2020, Dr. Holly Woods has spoken about The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life in:

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Holly Woods PhD, Bestselling Author of The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life, speaks on favorite topics such aligning your life and work with purpose, uncovering your Golden Thread, how to pinpoint your own north star, purpose as an evolutionary driver, how stages of consciousness explains what's happened socioculturally during the pandemic, how purpose promotes resilience, anti-fragility, innovation and agility in companies and in life, and the intersections of the science and practice of human potential, purpose and emergence. She seeks to inspire audiences about purpose activation, purpose-driven career and product pivots, human evolution and human consciousness, and navigating the future.

Holly Woods PhD is a human and organizational development practitioner and scientist,  master coach and mentor, business innovation, product, systems and strategy consultant, purpose coach and theorist, stages of consciousness developmental practitioner, evolutionary anthropologist, bestselling author, podcast speaker and notable thought leader in the field of purpose.


Through engaging and inspiring presentations, Dr. Woods reveals the mysteries of how purpose shows up in our life expression, inspires innovation and strategically creates products and solutions for our world’s complex challenges.  She uses science, compelling case studies, stories and her decades of wisdom and practice to demonstrate how purpose lives in each of us uniquely and serves as the compass to guide our next expression, career direction, decisions and even our evolution as a species. 


She shows how recent purpose research confirms the foundational aspects of purpose as our north star, and offers scientific, spiritual, human development, entrepreneurial and practical strategies that, when applied with the science of emergence, add up to a revolutionary new approach to decision-making, innovation, product development and even relationships that will capture an audience’s attention, whether it’s a one-on-one conversation, an essential business meeting, or a presentation to a thousand listeners.


Holly has taken her message to executive seminars, network meetings or gatherings, business retreats, high-level training sessions, human resource  functions, transformational conferences and entrepreneurial conclaves around the world. Contact us to talk more about booking Holly to keynote at your next event.

Holly’s Popular Speaking Topics

Claim Your Golden Thread

To live a purpose-driven life, you need to have a sense of what that purpose is and how it’s been expressing itself in your life all along. Holly leads audiences in an interactive session that will have them finding their own Golden Thread through the stories, inspiration and curiosities that will guide them to be directed, decisive and inspired to take inspired action in their lives and careers for more meaning, focus and impact.


Pivot on Purpose

Brain research shows that most of us make life and business decisions based on unconscious, emotional reactions rather than decisions that are actually good for us. Even less, we make decisions aligned with who we really are and what we or our business needs. In her keynote speeches and workshops, Holly reveals to audiences how purpose informs our inspired innovation and strategic decisions, and how to access that GPS to guide and plan a meaningful and successful life.

Create Meaningful Products that Sell

Holly uses the science and practice of purpose to show how purpose-driven innovation can create viable products and services that not only evoke more meaning but also create a direct route to sustainability and scaling. Audiences learn how to access their sense of purpose to redesign or newly create products that allow their unique contributions to be felt in the marketplace.

Breaking Out of Small: Access Your Visionary 

One of the most challenging parts of becoming a more empowered version of yourself is that you can’t imagine who you’re going to be there!  Holly will guide you to access an extreme state of Flow and Grace in an expanded Vision for your future through a guided visualization and conversation. We’ll create a sense of your very own unique Visionary to access during your daily routines, and to propel you into your own epic Life.

Let Go of Resistance to Live Your BHAG

What rules or roles do you hang onto thinking they’re going to keep you secure or safe? Holly helps high-achieving professionals or teams to inquire into the ways they limit innovation or success by hanging onto old habits. She facilitates a process that releases some internal blocks and barriers so you can learn to negotiate with the inner voices to live into a Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

Being an Agent of Love

With so many definitions of purpose being used in the zeitgeist, what if we imagined that purpose was as simple (and magnificent) as the cosmic impulse of love being expressed in the world in embodied form? What if we’re only ever agents of love, expressed in more and less aligned versions of ourselves, and our lives, careers, businesses, relationships, products and services are all just expressions of that as we march down the evolutionary path to become more and more fully expressed and aligned with that cosmic impulse of love? What would that look like across the stages of our own conscious evolution, if so? Holly walks us through this hypothesis, looking at the expressions of purpose across the stages of consciousness to inquire and depict how our lives and stories are just expressions of the cosmic impulse of love in action.

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