An Emerging Hope for Humanity, Rooted in Purpose

rooted in purpose

I woke, startled, at 3:21am.


Laughing-Out-Loud, in fact.

The electric jolts of energy running through my body were intense and nearly shook me off the bed.

The cats, cocooned next to my body, settled down a foot away- unperturbed.

Limitless, I heard.

Huh? I asked the voices. One more time please?

Limitless. That’s what you are.

Confused, but still laughing-out-loud, I slowly woke to the insistent voice.

Repeating: Limitless. This is where you’ve been going.

As I was shaking out of my dream-state, I was trying to wrap my brain around both the conception of limitless and the possibility that I was it. Me and my nearly six decades of trauma, plus the recent seven months of magic topped off by another f**king intense few weeks of debilitating break-up pain.

It didn’t make sense.

I considered the possibility.

Me? Limitless?

During the last month of intense break-up trauma, I had been applying to myself a whole range of innovative methods I’d only recently begun using with clients.

With this new work, I’d had a profound liberation of deep core wounds, release of smaller-than-necessary visions and a new awareness of who I was becoming.

But limitless? Hmmm.

The laughing continued without provocation. Tears followed. My hands made these strange floating images above my head, propelled by their own desire to express joy. I was clearly not leading the orchestra here.

Ah. I get it. This is what I’ve been waiting for? Insight into my next expression in the world?

I was beginning to formulate an awareness of what was being dispensed psychically, quantum packet by quantum packet.

It’s not about purpose or magic or synchronicity, though those are included. It’s about learning to be limitless- rooted in purpose.

I had to think about the alchemical equation of that. Now I was clearly awake, no chance of going back to sleep now.

I’d gone to sleep after drinking a new “magic potion” as part of my new learning about alchemy.

Wow, that was a potent elixir, I mused.


The Effects of Being Limitless


As I lay in bed, wide-awake to the fact I couldn’t turn off this textbook thin-veil tutorial, I listened to the voices and watched the visions as they came in.

I wanted to make sense of it all, but it was coming in as an alchemical concoction I’d have to experience rather than figure out.

It was like one of those movies whose ending would only be understood after a second viewing.

Later in the week, the last Capstone event in this custom graduate school tutorial would occur, and I would indeed realize the profound effects of this alchemical process.

It Makes Sense Now


While definitely NOT a linear process, what happens to us when we wake up and choose to bring that expanded consciousness into our everyday HUMAN reality, rather than bypass and escape to the netherworlds of wherever off-planet “enlightenment” lives, looks like this:

Purposeful Alignment => Expanding consciousness => Emerging Wisdom => Evokes Magic/ Synchronicity => Yields Alternate Reality

In other words, we’re truly NOT constrained to the destiny that seems obvious from the current world-burning-political-infighting-metacrisis-evoking-scourge-of-humanity path we’re plodding.

We Have Options.


We are not time-limited.

We are not space-limited.

We are not reality-limited.

We have unlimited options to choose from.

Obviously, I don’t yet have the measurement instruments to validate these hypotheses as it lives in your or my or our human existence. These instruments don’t exist yet except in the ginormous telescopes that document the multidimensional limitless nature of the cosmos.

Yet, I am a living breathing unfolding (and still willing) lab rat experimenting on how to create this new reality.

And anyone who has experienced a magical awakening or a lucid dream or a psychedelic experience can testify that it’s real.

And the key is to bring that magic into our IRL experience.

I don’t know what to call it.

Limitless? Infinite Reality? Magic IRL? Alt Reality?

It’s All of That, And More


I imagine when people started driving cars, they had few descriptors that were adequate.

Well, it’s kinda like a horse, in that it balances on four tires.

But more like a buggy, cause you’re covered from the rain.

And it has a horn, like a train.

But it stops easily, like a bicycle.

And it can carry a few people, so it’s like sitting in a boat.

Gosh, I just know I like it!

I want to keep riding this magical car-buggy-train-bicycle-boat to wherever it’s taking me, cause my Alt Reality is getting pretty good IRL.

And I can only dream about what this will do for humanity. For real.

Wanna hop on?

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