Got Time On Your Hands?


It may feel surreal to have so much time on your hands. Ironic that it took a pandemic to get us to slow down.

I’m not aware of any other global event or disaster that has so toppled the beta brainwave soul-crushing pace that we typically move in our quest for productivity.

What a relief, at least for some. Getting to know ourselves, and our family again. 

Alongside the very real damage to personal and global economies, and of course the illness that will devastate some families and communities.

Light and shadow always travel paired.

And so we move into the next stage, where the opportunities and challenges parallel each other in intensity. The greater the power inherent in each of us and in the collective, the greater the shadow. 

We must become adept at moving fully into our power when it emerges and navigating the shadow as it creeps in.

I have just the thing to occupy some of your time, as you prepare you for the next stage. Literally. And it’s not Netflix.

So this may feel blatantly self-promoting, yet I’ve been asked by quite a few of my friends if I can share my book early because now people have time on their hands.

If you want to pre-order my upcoming book, The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life, I’ll send the final layout version (prior to publication) to you now, and you’ll get the signed copy when it publishes (first week of April).

Get a jumpstart on revealing your purpose and the shadow that may be limiting you from living into your highest version of yourself. No better time than now.

Pre-Order here. 

AND, if you pre-order (or if you already have), you’ll be invited for FREE to TWO interactive webinars designed to help you grasp where to find your own Golden Thread and apply it in your life.  

SAVE THE DATES: 4/16 12p PST, 5/7 12p PST.

I know Netflix and a backlog of other “to do’s” may take precedence over reading a book about Purpose, but once the air clears from the virus, you’ll be jumping into a whole new world. 

Get out the running shoes and reading glasses and let’s go.

Pre-order your copy of The Golden Thread and you’ll get the pre-printed version of the PDF in your inbox now.

Here’s what a few notable people are saying about the book:

“I’ve worked with many great business leaders and found that connection to purpose unites them. The Golden Thread clarifies that purpose is available to anyone, at any stage. The journey to leadership and prosperity is through your higher purpose and this book outlines the path forward.” –John Mackey, Co-Founder  & CEO, Whole Foods, Co-Author Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

“Holly Woods has an excellent grasp of the depth and breadth of purpose work. No one else has looked at it through the stages of personal development lens (and few are qualified to do so!) Take this opportunity to advance your purpose journey with Holly as your guide.” – Tim Kelley, Founder True Purpose Institute, Global Change Agent, author True Purpose

“The Golden Thread is a deeply insightful and enjoyable read about purpose as a GPS throughout all stages of our lives. Can’t recommend it enough!” –Chip Conley, NY Times bestselling author, CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality, Founder Modern Elder Academy

About the Author

Dr. Holly Woods is the Author of an upcoming book, The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life. This book will dispel any notion that your life doesn’t matter. Pre-order The Golden Thread

Holly is a transformational consultant, coach and mentor who works with inspired entrepreneurs, innovators and visionaries who are ready to align with their True Purpose so they can unleash the fire within, create a mindset where anything is possible, and benefit people and the planet (and themselves!) from their greatest contribution.

You can Reveal Your Golden Thread too.

Holly’s built and scaled multiple businesses and brings a rigorous academic background of product development and systems design. As an executive and consultant she’s created or reorganized infrastructure for dozens of businesses, streamlining product development and delivery to scale and maximize meaning and profits.



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