Have You Decided Yet?

Have you Decided yet

No, I’m not necessarily talking about the U.S. election, though it’s top of mind for me…

I’m talking about YOUR next steps.

You know, the bold ones that you and me and everybody else is gonna have to make to turn this around.

If you haven’t yet decided what your next step is, join me today for my interview on this ‘Summit of all Summits” (says one of the luminary speakers himself, my good friend Tom O’Bryan).

Join us in The Magnificent New Normal Summit.

While I’m certainly honored and excited to be featured in this summit, my enthusiasm really lies in the curation and synthesis of so many cutting-edge innovations that are needed in the world right now.

I worked with my dear friend Jeffrey Smith, none other than the global leading non-GMO advocate, to enroll the most leading edge authors, speakers and scientists in the world right now to bring us state-of-the-art guidance for moving forward.

My interview with Jeffrey TODAY is about how Purpose guides us in our evolutionary process. Jeffrey’s a quick study and profound synthesizer, so the interview was a heckuva lot of fun for both of us.

While you’ll experience people you may have heard before in The Magnificent New Normal, including Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, or Lynne McTaggart, author of Intention Experiment, you’ll also hear from Zach Bush of Farmer’s Footprint, my good friends Sarah McCrum, author of Love Money, Money Loves You and Debra Poneman of Yes to Success, and 16 year old Tiana Day who led the Black Lives Matter march across the Golden Gate Bridge (and is a friend of my daughter!).

BTW, those are all phenomenal books if you haven’t read them!!

Take advantage of this free Summit The Magnificent New Normal and learn about the cutting-edge technologies, experiments and initiatives moving us forward into the next stage of humanity.


Let’s decide what’s next for you!!

I’m beginning the process of moving over to my new website and business, EmergenceInstitute.net and now sharing a free 3-session audio mini-course called Pivot on Purpose: Transform Your Dreams into Meaningful & Profitable Work. Join me there if you’d like some new inspiration, or schedule a call with me if you’d like to Discover Your Purpose in this crazy time.

Let’s do this folks!

And please, if you haven’t registered to vote, or have friends or colleagues who haven’t made a plan, please help them check their registration status and make that damn plan.

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Holly Woods, PhD

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