How the World Profits from Your Puzzle Piece


Have you ever been daunted by a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, and then suddenly realized you held the last piece?

Remember that simple self-satisfaction and joy (and relief) as you placed that last piece into the puzzle and stared at the accomplishment of fitting all those multi-colored and oddly-shapen pieces together?

Wondering how you ever figured out the complex arrangement of pieces?

But you did.

You painstakingly put them all together, one by one, noticing the precision of the colors and shapes that masterfully complemented each other to create the image on the puzzle box.

What’s the Shape of Your Piece?

What if we as humans were each a singularly unique one-of-a-kind puzzle piece in this complex interplay of attributes, talents, gifts, experiences, history, DNA, roles, lineage, connections and insights?


And our soul was the driver to being able to find our exact, unique and complementary place in the world…


….so we could each both benefit from and contribute to the overall picture of humanity JUST BECAUSE we are who we are?


If you could figure out your exact role on the planet right now that would NOT ONLY have impact in changing the world BUT ALSO benefit your own life…


Would you?


Would you take the time to precisely understand what is yours to do, if you knew it would forever alter the course of your life and the planetary trajectory?

Clarify, Claim and Commit

I was meeting with a client this week who was disillusioned by his job search to find the next right role that would move him closer to his purpose. After only a silent ‘no’ from a job application, he was wondering whether this was the right direction.

As soon as I reminded him of his message to the world derived from his purpose, he sprang forth with several real anecdotes about the importance of that directive in creating unity in perspective in the world.

Not only did he light up with enthusiasm in his own stories, but became creative in his ideas about next steps for job hunting.

He committed to his next steps, knowing that the inspiration of his purpose was the driver for his future life.

What’s Yours?

Even if you have a purpose statement, or some inkling of what is yours to do, is it precise enough to drive you into a greater expression? Or your next expression?


The precision with which you know and can live your purpose can forever change your life, and alter the world.
Not only will you profit, but the world will be a better place.


Doing what matters to you forever changes the world around you.
Profit takes on a whole new meaning.

About The Author

Dr. Holly Woods is the Author of the #1 Bestseller, The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life. Read it, you’ll never again think your life doesn’t matter.

Holly is a purpose activator. She believes that touching the spark of your soul lights you up so much that you alter the world just by being in it.

Learn about Holly’s work at Emergence Institute. You can schedule a 30 minute Strategy session with Holly.

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Holly’s spent nearly 4 decades helping visionaries build products and businesses that change the world, as a coach, mentor, consultant and entrepreneur. She’s younger than she’s ever been because her purpose inspires her to keep making a difference. That’s what she wants for you, too. Holly helps her clients uncover their nuanced purpose, gain capacities and mindset to attain their unreasonable goals, and align decisions, products, strategies and systems around what matters most.

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Holly earned a PhD in Human & Organizational Development, is certified as an Integral Master Coach®, Purpose Guide®, Professional Mediator and Facilitator, Master Energy Practitioner, and is a Stages of Consciousness developmental practitioner.

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