How to Live an Easy Life

Easy Life

It’s been an interesting few months, yes?

Even with this sudden surge in awareness of the state of humanity, for some it may be challenging to imagine that it will all be ok.

Or maybe you’re already in a state of trust that it will work out.

I’m lucky to fall in the latter camp. Even as the near-future may become more challenging as we deconstruct existing and irrelevant systems and structures, I know that life is going to get easier in the future, as we become more awake, aware and cleaned-up from our less conscious selves. Each of us and all of us.

Later this week, I’ll share more in a multi-part series about how this is happening both in real-time and at an evolutionary level, so we can truly make sense and take advantage of these global shifts now.

There are so many great conversations happening now about finding and living purpose. In my interview with Joel Monk in the recent Coaches Rising Summit, I was struck by what emerged in our conversation, reflecting what I most treasure about living a life of purpose.

How Flow, Purpose Alignment & Synchronicity Fit Together

At one point we talked about the relationship between purpose alignment, flow and synchronicity.

The state of “flow” is a well-studied science, with many scientists and practitioners in the world helping people live into this ease-ful state. And yet, I find that ‘flow,’ when it’s manufactured out-of-context of your real life, doesn’t have the same effect as when reaching a state of purposeful flow.

My own conception of flow, related to purpose, is that we reach this “state” of ease and synchronicity when we are in greatest alignment with ourselves. As we understand and begin to ‘live as if’ we are our purpose, we become ‘non-resistant’ beings to the world happening in, through and around us.

I see it happen in my own life and with my clients who’ve committed to living their fullest life.

That doesn’t mean you see life through rose-colored glasses or imagine that everything always works out as you expect. Yet when you are living in a more expanded awareness — practicing, living as if, and in embodiment with purpose — it brings all parts of your being in alignment with that which naturally wants to flow through you.

It’s like being in the ‘slipstream’ of life that I speak about in The Golden Thread. My former client Bill experienced significant upleveling of his life when he experienced ‘being in the slipstream,’ with new partners and new career opportunities opening up to him.

And then, naturally, when you become harmonized or ‘in flow’ with life, you are spontaneously supported by the universe. You can learn to live with little to no ‘effort.’ And as the quantum field flows through you, it naturally brings in things that are in alignment with your purpose and your way of being in the world. Synchronicity happens spontaneously when you truly live in that place. One of my current clients is experiencing a massive increase in these moments of synchronicity as she builds her business.

This may sound hoaky to you. But remember, I was a devoted scientist and truth-seeker long before I was a devotee to my soul (and yours) or the quantum field.

When you are in alignment, you become one with the quantum field and you learn how to have faith that this is the natural way of being. The natural laws of the universe.

Living on purpose, which creates a state of flow, is basically living according to the natural order of things. It is science writ large.

I find this to be the most significant reason to live on purpose. When living in that level of alignment, things become easier and certainly more natural. Synchronous.

What’s Your Level of Flow, Alignment & Ease?

What level of ease or flow are you feeling in your life now?

1- Barely making it, seldom feel that life is working for me

3- Managing some aspects of life, though many parts feel in crisis

5- Do well most of the time, but struggling with direction, focus or knowing how to make decisions about what’s next

7- Moving in a good direction, feel intentional, though feel my greatest work is still ahead of me and unsure what that is or how to make it happen

9- Feeling pretty clear about purpose and often in flow, know I’m moving in the right direction, though could clear a few roadblocks to fully executing

10- Top of my game, can hardly imagine life being more magical

If you scored 5–9, you may be ready for a Purpose upgrade. Who wouldn’t want more ease in their life, especially now?


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Holly Woods, PhD

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