How to Keep Y(our) Dreams Alive


When Radical Hope Turns Rancid

When You Personally Slaughter Your Own Dreams

  • It’s too hard. I’ll never make it.
  • I don’t deserve that anyway.
  • It’s too much risk and I have to … (e.g., pay my bills, take care of my family, save for retirement, keep my health insurance.)
  • I already tried to “do what I love” and it didn’t work
  • Why rock the boat if I’m comfortable?
  • I need security so I’ll just suck it up for now.
  • Everybody would tell me I’m crazy.
  • My dreams- what I “can’t not do”- my purposeful vision, and
  • The nagging voices of my inner sub-psychic parts that want to protect me, keep me safe, stay small to avoid disappointment and help me not look like a looney-tune.

Trust in Allah and Tie Your Camel

Having Faith is a Verb

Dream Big. Start at the Trailhead.

Have Faith. Dare to Dream. Take Bold Action.

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