Making Sense of the Both/And

Making Sense

Did you do a little jig when the election debacle was resolved on Saturday? Or maybe you danced in the streets like so many people around the world.

But you’re depressed as hell at what it took to get here? And what’s still emerging?

Yep, the U.S. election season has been a year-plus slog, made even more challenging because of our SIP restrictions. And the aftermath continues.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

If you’re like me, you’re asking- how did we get here?

Have you ever arrived at a crossroads in life and wondered which direction to take, knowing that either could produce amazing possibilities and yet each could also have unintended consequences for the future?

My eldest daughter chose her college based on the fact that she wanted to be in the “center of the action” for her field. While her other academic choices had unique flavors and more favorable locations (Seattle, Denver, Vancouver), she wanted to be at the epicenter of her burning desires.

She didn’t fully imagine what would be required of her to study leadership and politics at a university in Washington D.C., the heart of darkness itself.

Sometimes life turns out to be a Both/ And.

Like my daughter’s choice to be at the epicenter where dark and light were inseparable, through this season of chaos and crisis we have unknowingly immersed ourselves into both the dark and light of human evolution and the emergence of our next phase.

The chaos and crises and the election strife have certainly yielded both local and global societal deconstruction. Yet, the unintended consequences of the times have yielded an immense turning point for humanity and the planet.

We have evolved because of our forced reflection-in-isolation experience.

And, we’ve also been forced to come face to face with our global culture’s repressed shadows of racism, misogyny, economic inequality, and misuse of power. And, we must reckon with the planetary crisis as the true last lap to turn this around. There may be one or two more hand-offs left in this race. And then it’s done.

Yes, we have many reasons to celebrate, to be spared the debacle of authoritarian hegemony. Of overt prejudice and bigotry. Of contempt for non-violent resolution.

And, we’re still in a bubble if we imagine that we don’t have work to do.

We do not see the world as it is, but as we are.

As we are the mirror for our own experiences, our perceptions, prejudices and biases guide us to see the world from behind our eyes, not out beyond our perspective.

We see the “truth” as we are.

Where We Really Are

As we become more evolved and conscious beings, we move from “I’m right” to “either/or” thinking, but it takes a great deal of evolution for us to become “both/and” seers.

Unfortunately, (and this is markedly true in the U.S.) we’re not even in the “either/or” category as a collective of humans.

We’re still “right” much of the time, and they’re “wrong.”

How to Move Forward in the Both/And

What will it take to embrace the both/and, for ourselves and our culture, on this threshold of possibility?

I wrote here about the things we already do know about how to deal with this uncertainty. Yet these beliefs are not yet held in the collective consciousness or entrenched convictions of the earlier tiers of consciousness.

We must each do our individual work.

To clarify and claim our deepest desires, our purposeful futures, in order to individuate and live into the highest version of who we’re meant to be and to make our next contribution. Humanity and the planet need us. Now.

To deeply explore the shadowed part of ourselves, that repressed version of us that hides from the light because we believe it’s too painful or too shameful to reveal ourselves. It’s well past time to hide.

To live into the version of us that can express itself through our lives, our work and our careers or businesses. To create and build things that reflect what our soul wants us to be doing. To co-create communities that reflect our deepest values and burning desires.

So that we can become that which we hope to see in our world.

And then, we must do the collective work.

To dance in the celebration of our emerging future as we also embrace the shadowed aspects of ourselves and our culture.

It’s the only way we’ll see Reality 2.0.

And you?

Are you ready to figure out what’s next for you, so you can get off the human hamster wheel and prepare for the next version of you?

…to then uncover your purpose and release the shadow (which BTW eliminates the chaos, confusion, and ceaseless hand-writing about decisions and direction and mind-numbing doubts about who you are and what you’re supposed to do next.)

And even more importantly…

…to uncover what’s next for you! You’ll experience the magic when your next expression, product, service, career or direction pops out!

▢ YES, I am ready to uncover my purpose, release the shadow, and step into the next version of me!

▢ NO, I’m not quite ready to let go of my current way of seeing the world. Something here is still serving me.

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Holly Woods, PhD

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