Resources to Get Through the Eye of the Needle


If you’re energetically sensitive like me you’ve been feeling (or precognizing) this pending crisis for awhile.

Here in a “red zone” of contagion in the SF Bay area, it’s been a bit of madness as people decide whether to take the COVID19 scare seriously. Should we shut down now, or later, after it gets bad? Seems like a silly question.

Grocery story lines look like refugee camps, similar to the stockpiling that occurs during our now legendary fires.

Meanwhile, my European friends are texting that it only gets worse from here.

And now, given most have decided to comply with “social distancing,” It’s eerily quiet. Few cars on the road, just dog walkers.

It’s odd how the days before a possible societal lockdown/ meltdown feels like the calm before the storm while we wait to see how bad it might be.

It’s our collective Eye of the Needle moment.

Can we each find the internal resources to stay calm and resolute enough to get through this calamity without devastating consequences? And can we as a global culture bring clarity and determination to the strategies to get through this without compounding the consequences?

Recently I was guided to re-read Lynne McTaggart’s Intention Experiment (2007) to beef up on methods for using intention to transform. The sense of urgency for me to read the book again was so demanding that I didn’t sleep until I finished it. Then I immediately began practicing intentions.

Now I know why.

Rather than live in a state of fear or crisis, we must learn how to get quiet in ourselves and apply focused intention to survive this phase of humanity. To walk through the fire of the fear-mongering that is occurring in our media, our government and in social commentary.

Perhaps you’ll join me in these intentions?

I’m intending that this crisis will in fact help us shift to the next stage sooner.

I’m intending that this crisis will help us witness ourselves as better humans than we imagine ourselves to be.

I’m intending to witness the world around me as generous, full of grace, secure and healthy as a means of being all those things myself.

The practice of intentions is as simple as setting aside time each day to offer focused intention (not just attention) to imagine the actual experience that you wish to occur. Imagine in your mind’s eye what it will be like if each of these intentions occur. What sensory experiences can you imagine? What emotions does each intention generate?

You with me?

What if we could intend that the COVID19 crisis is nothing but a blessing in disguise? What if it’s just the activation we needed to become the better version of ourselves that could both weather this crisis and come out the other side more prepared to take on the challenges we knew already existed (and may be even more pronounced now)?

How can we find more capacity, resilience, strategy, focus and clarity, confidence and courage to weather this (and other crises headed our way) for the long haul, rather than dip into apathy?

Lynne McTaggart, after reviewing hundreds of research studies about the effects of human consciousness and intention on tangible results and outcomes, and conducting some of her own research with human subjects, writes that “ordinary mental strategies of isolating or protecting ourselves may not be enough to successfully resist unwanted influence.”

Our tendency when things become stressful is to grab on to whatever secure handholds (e.g., money, boundaries and borders, escapism, denial, stockpiling) exist within reach until the stress passes.

I’ve been writing about the Fear of the Unknown for awhile. The Fear underneath all fears (Carleton, 2016).

Well, we’re here. We’ve begun to arrive in the unknown. No worse than I imagined, and probably not better.

That is, other than my response to it. Because I’ve been practicing.

And you too.

We’re actually ready for this.

And we need to be directed. Focused. Have clarity about our next steps.

One of the researchers that McTaggart includes in her book The Intention Experiment is Dr. John Diamond, a psychiatrist and holistic healer who furthered the use of applied kinesiology. As a result of all his tests, he found that a form of “homing thought” could be the “secure handhold” that each of us can grab onto to help us weather the storms and keep us safe.

Well guess what…

Diamond’s research found the most effective “homing thought” we can use is knowing what our ultimate aspiration or purpose of life is.

He discovered through testing with thousands of patients that knowing your special gift or talent not only gives you a sense of joy but also union with the Absolute. He likened this homing thought to the internal compass that lost airplane pilots use to find their way home.

He found among these thousands of patients that when we are besieged by the darkest of intentions, the most difficult of crises, the most challenging of times, the best way to protect ourselves is to become focused on our own internal GPS, the awareness of what we have been born to do.

Your purpose is your GPS. it’s one of my three tested hypotheses in The Golden Thread: Where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life.

Your own Golden Thread can help you get through the Eye of the Needle.

If you haven’t discovered your purpose, it’s time.

If you know your purpose, but you’re not living it, it’s time.

If you don’t believe you have a purpose, but want to make a difference, it’s time.

Can you imagine how we collectively could respond to the emerging crises on our planet if we were all living into our highest potential?

If you’re ready to get serious about finding your own Golden Thread, let’s talk and explore the best way for you to do that.

And here are some other resources for you to dip into to help you gain some new capacity and calm in this crazy mixed-up world we live in.


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FREE Healing meditation and activation My friend and colleague Sarah McCrum is offering a live online collective healing event. Sarah will be sharing a way to face fear through relaxation and activate collective healing of the coronavirus.

If you haven’t read about Social Distancing, and why we must comply with international recommendations, here’s this: Coronavirus, Why You Must Act Now


Carleton, N. 2016. Fear of the unknown: One fear to rule them all? Journal of Anxiety Disorders. Volume 41: June 2016.

McTaggart, L. 2007. The Intention Experiment. New York: Free Press.

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