What Happens Beyond Purpose? Magic.


Have you ever felt like everything was going great, and wondered when the other shoe was going to drop?

In the afterglow of my ‘day with God,’ in early 2021, everything had begun to feel like magic. I walked around for about seven months feeling like I had the Midas touch, delighted and almost amused that things were going so well.

New partners, new love, clients, colleagues, invitations for speaking engagements, consulting gigs — literally everything felt aligned.

I began to experience living the basic laws of nature, or ‘laws of magic’ as my friends at Damanhur call them, which appear as:

I’d studied these laws from an esoteric, spiritual, human development and quantum physics sense.

I just hadn’t had a chance to embody them. Practice them.

I began to notice the nuanced calibration that happened when I was in total alignment- every quark of my being- or the infinite shifts away from magic when I was having an off day.

I began to see the full effects of the world manifesting right in front of my eyes- when I was in alignment.

Moment by moment.

So I began to ask the question- what would keep me in alignment?

How could I create a (semi) permanent orientation to a life of possibility?

To live with no limitations.

Meet my deepest desires.

Live into my limitless capability.


What Comes After Purpose Alignment?


In preparation for a presentation for a keynote in CO, the insights came pouring in about what happens once we have true purpose alignment.

When you’re in full alignment- at the cells-molecules-atoms-quarks level, and your soul is galvanized at full speed oriented toward the core of your being, here’s the sequence that I’m now visualizing and experiencing:

Alignment: like a sail at full tilt aiming into the wind, no slack- everything oriented and moving in the essential direction of purpose, creating direction and focus, that leads to

Internal Coherence — like when you enter a state of flow because you’re so attuned to your being- it’s the integration of diverse elements, or in quantum mechanics terms, where the dynamic state of the waves is in harmony, which feels like commitment and courage, that leads to

External Coherence — a state of flow with the systems and surroundings and people in your life, where coherence or harmony is reached among various unique parts of a system, which spawns responsive emergent ideas and innovation, that leads to

Resonance (law of correspondence) — the drawing in of objects, or a state of equilibrium when operating with people or objects of a similar frequency, which yields a magnetic quality to draw in people and possibilities, that leads to

Expansion — when operating in equilibrium with a person/product operating at its natural oscillation frequency, you will reach a higher amplitude or vibrational space, causing a feeling of expansion or fulfillment, where our longings are fulfilled and we’re pulled into a higher vibrational space, that lends itself to

Superposition– or the waveform of being in more than one place at a time, feeling like potentiality or alternate reality, or the resilience to be in more than one position at a time, or alternate realities which creates

Synchronicity — or the material manifestation of all these occurrences leading to non-random events with inconceivable probability, where all these concepts are put into material form which looks like


And that creates the sense that anything is possible. We’re Limitless.


I Want on That Train


And of course I wanted more of that. To keep the Love Train on those tracks to end up with magic and a limitless life at the end (or beginning) of the line.

The question became:

How could I reproduce the Purpose Flywheel that includes Alignment => Coherence => Resonance => Expansion => Superposition => Alternate Reality/ Magic/ Limitlessness?

Because the trajectory of the Current Reality Train we’re on is a slow train to despair. Not Magic.

As always, I began experimenting in my life, and watching intently when things did/ didn’t align and unfold in that magical way.

And then, of course, I began to observe and practice with clients, expanding the use of some existing tools and creating innovations synthesized from my studies and practice.


The Spiral


We often think of spiraling as what happens when you’re ‘out of control’ and can’t get out of that damn recursive downward loop of emotional instability.

What I witnessed in myself, and others, is that the iterative cycle of alignment-deconstruction-release-emergence-realignment is an upward and outward (or evolutionary) spiral leading to more and more precise downward and inward (involutionary) spiraling in the Purpose Flywheel.

So that each turn of the flywheel yields a tighter spiral to create a more precise and aligned purposeful vision and pattern of manifestation and synchronicity.

Each iterative spiral releases the ways of being that are disharmonic and disruptive to being the limitless potentiated beings that we are.


The 3 Steps to Magic


I propose this iterative process as the means to create a magical and limitless life:

First, complete and liberate ourselves from the intoxication of our egos (iteratively, as the fragments of ego typically hold us in a snare for an extended period,) and to initiate the “escape” (often called “ego death”)

Secondly, three steps to cultivate the discipline required to take on the quest for unique ensoulment:

a) to refine our awareness of our unique purposeful orientation, and to articulate it in a way that creates inspiration, engagement and evolution for each individual soul,

b) to complete the personal development work of liberating ourselves from shadow and developing missed stage-related capacities in the overreach of ambitious spiritual paths, and

c) to offer our greater contribution and service in the broader world after uncovering the distinct purposeful expression and continued journey.

And Third, to create the bridge to the actualization of the spiritual self manifest in a material world; to live and serve in the universal calling and emerge into more evolved versions of self in a kaleidoscopic limitless form.

The advanced tools and technologies I’ve been using to accomplish these tasks are similar to those I’ve used for several decades, and also more evolved based on my own continuing evolutionary path and use with clients.

And it all begins with deep inner core alignment with True Self, or your Soul Purpose.


Beyond Purpose


On the other side of Purpose, or true alignment, is where you end up with the experience of being Magical and Limitless.

The initiation and energy flows activated in you — when you’re truly aligned with purpose — create a catalytic process that allows you to be embodied more and more as your divine being.

Living as god. Like I did this day.

Otherwise, it feels like you’re an Ant crawling up a Pyramid.

You know there’s something special about the Pyramid, but your Small Egoically-driven Self can’t manage the leaps required.

This has been my life’s work, or my purpose in material form, and I am delighted to now bring it into the world fully.

To help create Magical Beings with Limitless capabilities.

Here are responses from a few of my clients who have benefited from these experiments thus far:

Holly helped me to remove my internal blockages and gain great clarity on a business model that didn’t yet exist. Holly was always enthusiastically committed to me, my success, and my greatest purpose. I was able to discuss things with her that I couldn’t discuss or flush out anywhere else. Words cannot express my gratitude for Holly and her wisdom, experience, support, love and guidance. I wouldn’t be where I am now without her. Heather, Former Exec of Marine Layer, Founder of A Project Called Life



Holly was my lighthouse Home. Our coaching work together was a beautiful integration of structure and flow, providing support and sometimes even tough love, as well as grace and spontaneity when the unexpected emerged. Holly was a friend I could trust, a mentor I could look up to, and a sage I could surrender to. I was astonished by how much gold emerged from our work. We got to the essence of my soul’s contract, and the insights gleaned have psychoactively illuminated who I am on the deepest of levels. My vocational and creative projects have exploded in possibilities and potential. I will be forever indebted and endlessly grateful for our work together. Tucker, former award-winning documentarian, ad executive, Founder Constructing Consciousness, Lighthouse Coaching



When I started my work with Holly, I knew there was something to uncover deep within me that I needed. Through our work together, I realized that innate feeling was something that the world needed. Each session brought new awakenings. I now look at life with a totally different perspective because Holly shifted my mindset around all my old beliefs and got rid of beliefs that no longer served me. It was the constant success of figuring out who I truly was at my core which led me to my current success. After our work together, I strongly believe now that what I am called to do is possible and in reach. This will affect the rest of my life, my family’s lives, and many generations to come. Carter, former Revenue Analyst, Goldman Sachs, now Travel Guide.



I virtually crawled to Holly’s door, terrified I would never find the song of my soul. “Help me!” I cried. Not only did she help me find it, she helped me to yodel it, shirtless, from some liminal mountain top, and then turn it into an on-purpose product offering that people love enough to actually buy from me! I have never experienced so many helpful modalities converged into one human … from therapeutic to developmental to energetic to spiritual and beyond into stuff I can hardly find labels for. When all of that wisdom is pointed at the task of helping find your golden thread, it’s not just deeply transformative, it’s legitimately magic. Nick, Former Exec producer MTV, former Creative Director, Founder of Creative Presencing

And more success stories here.

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