What If You Could Make Sense of Your Life?

Sense of your life

Many of us think about having a life that’s different than the one we have.

More happiness, more meaning. More money. More friends. Better health or relationships.

The Fear of Having More

But in fact, I think most of us are afraid to live into something that’s more.

We may be afraid of the responsibility of living into that, and the different kinds of decisions we’d have to make. What we’d have to let go of.

And we’re afraid of the uncertainty about how life would be different if we stepped into more. The Fear of the Unknown, the fundamental fear, is our deepest fear.

Yet, the Only Thing Stopping You

What if you really could have a life that was more meaningful?

More fulfilling, and caused you to be more alive and awake. And have more abundance, and a thriving business and career. What would that be like?

So what if the only thing stopping you from becoming more awake and alive and fulfilled and joyful and happy and having better relationships and more meaningful or abundant work or thriving work…

…Is that you don’t see yourself as having that?

What if the only reason you’re not living that is that you can’t see the possibility that you already are that?

So what if the only reason you don’t see yourself in that way as having that particular life is because of the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself?

And what if the very struggles you’ve experienced in life, that created those limiting beliefs, is exactly what you came to experience in this lifetime?

Pretty weird to think about, huh?

Your Struggles are the Flip Side of Purpose

But, in fact, those struggles, and the limiting beliefs they caused, are the flip side of the coin of the most magnificent gift you came back to express.

That may be hard to imagine, but I’ve seen it for decades among my clients from every field or walk of life, including my own.

So what if all that is true? Kinda makes your life perfect, right?

Except that you don’t know that about yourself.

Making Sense of Your Life

So what if we could make sense of your life in that way, and help you get out of your way, so you can take steps into that ridiculously crazy good future and experience being more alive and awake and fulfilled and joyful and happy and have better relationships and more meaningful and abundant work and thriving business or career – doing whatever it is you came back to do?

Would you want that? Or would you be too afraid?

If you could have that, what would keep you from signing up for that life the one you actually came to live.

Because you can have that.

The people I work with know that there is more for them. They have a knowing that their life is meant to be more meaningful and fulfilling. That they’re here to bring in their greatest gifts, their biggest contribution.

And they just start down the path with small bold steps.



Emergence Institute

Holly Woods, PhD

ⓒ 2020 Emergence Institute