Why Purpose is Better than Santa Claus


My client asked, “Why
doesn’t everybody want this?”


was a new client. A successful attorney turned facilitator of Women’s groups in
the emotionally buttoned-up MidWest. She’d done tons of personal and spiritual
development work, and “knew” herself about as best anyone can

something was still missing. She wanted to know what was “next” in
her life.


had just started work to uncover her Golden Thread of Purpose.


our very first session together, we began articulating her “thread,”
which represents the thing we “can’t not do” in life, in one
expression after another after another (etc.)


always this way. Client after client, after we find their “thread,”
sits in wide-eyed amazement that in fact this thing they’d always done, more or
less, was guiding their every action. Sometimes in innovative ways. Sometimes
in rebellious or defiant ways when rigid containers don’t let them express.
Sometimes unexpressed, which leads to shadow and suffering. That same day, it
happened with a young man, and the next day to a GenX-ish woman. Same reaction.


It’s better than Santa Claus.

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And she got excited at the thought of her knowing that this aspect of herself, which she so easily does every day of her
life, could easily guide her next move, and the one after that. That it didn’t
require some extraordinary “leap” or special training to become
someone she was not.


in fact, she’d be more of herself than ever before. Because NOW she knows who
she really is. Her deep purpose. 


affects how she shows up for her work, her business, and her life. It will
affect every product or service she develops from now on, and how she delivers
or distributes that product. It will affect every relationship she has,
personal or professional. It will affect how she sees herself, and how she
walks through life.


Why Doesn’t Everybody Want


me. It’s still hard for me to fathom why everybody doesn’t want to know who
they really are, when it would make such a big difference in your life.
Especially given the enormity of the science-based validation about the
importance of purpose in our lives and businesses. I write about that in my
book The Golden Thread: Where to
Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life.


as I’ve hypothesized recently, it also has to do with:


to let go of an old identity

of the Unknown

beliefs & shadow about not being (choose your flavor) good enough, ready,
worthy, talented enough, skillful enough, visible enough…. etc

to others in our life



all those reasons are valid from an emotional sense. Yes, we do have those
fears. For sure.


as my client discovered, it was FAR easier to acknowledge who she was when she
saw the pattern of her life that she’d been expressing (or trying to express)
HER WHOLE LIFE. So in effect, she was ALREADY doing it, and now she could do it
more intentionally. With more joy and freedom and commitment.


never had ANY of those fears when she didn’t know what she was already doing.


We fabricate those fears.


when you begin to see how you’ve always been living your Golden Thread, more or
less, and that whatever was keeping you from fully expressing it was also
useful to your life, everything starts to feel perfect.


a crazy thing, to start making sense of your whole life.


Revised and Updated Purpose to
Impact Roadmap™

number of people asked me to explain the Roadmap I use in working with clients
in more detail, given it can reduce the risk of living your purpose into a more
impactful life. This “roadmap” is a synthesis of 35+ years helping
people (starting with me!)
uncover ourselves, so that we can become happier, engaged and more impactful in
our lives.


revised Roadmap has 3 Phases and 3 steps in each Phase. But you don’t have to
memorize them.


if you take a look, you’ll see that I, on the other hand, have spent many years
figuring out how to get us all from Purpose to Impact, mostly because I had to
do it for my own life. And just kept refining the process with clients.


I now know
the exact steps to get you there, and how to help you turn that into a viable
product, business and impactful life.


in a philosophical or academic kinda way, but in a grounded real-world,
boots-on-the-ground kinda way. I’ve created a bridge from your aspirational
Being-ness to your material world Doing-ness.


you’re not already, it’s definitely time to get you into your aligned and
impactful life.


to top off all that, I can help you get from Purpose to Impact.


Say What?


we start off with a super efficient, painless way to figure out who you really
are… using all my tried-and-true methods, so you can KNOW without a doubt who
you are and bring that version of you into every breath of your business, your
products, your life and work.


2 session Reveal Your Golden Thread is
Phase 1 in the Purpose to Impact Roadmap™. It is designed to help you amplify
your work in the world to…

Be More of Who You Are, and

Less of Who You Are Not.


DEETS: Just sign up for
the 2 session Reveal Your Golden Thread journey
and you’ll get one-on-one time with me to help you uncover your purpose. This
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hope you join me. Hard to imagine there will be a simpler or hassle-free a way
to find your purpose.


the road again, heading to the true North.