Why Purpose is the Antidote to Being Lost

Do you feel that we’ve stepped off the curb into the unknown? Or at least into the next (experimental) stage.

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If you look at the experience in the material world, everything has changed.

And yet I still know, deep inside, that my GPS hasn’t changed. My purpose is even more clearly useful now than before, and drives me to be even more inspired and encouraged that I can make a difference.

Stepping into the unknown of the next stage of humanity and all our human-made systems can appear intimidating, if not frightening. We have no idea how it’s going to go.

What will survive of the old, and what will emerge newly? Will we be safe, sheltered and cared for? If you listen to some of the predictions, you can’t help but ask, “will I be among the lucky few?”

What if everybody wins instead?

Fear-mongering is unnecessary. It’s outright diabolical. The uncertainty doesn’t have to lead to the prediction that some will win and some will lose.

And you probably can stop and count the blessings you personally have received from the experience of this pandemic. A slowing down. A taking account of life. Listening to the birds on an eerily quiet morning. Playtime with your family.

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It’s also fascinating that the now verifiable research in quantum physics and consciousness suggests that indeed we all could (and should) win. If we imagine it to be so. As the universe is ever-expanding, potential is unlimited.

There are no limits to the opportunities available to us, only those we perceive to be true.

And since that is true, what do you want your life to be?

Why Purpose is Your GPS in Times of Uncertainty

There are 3 reasons why we must rely on Purpose to move us forward.

First: Purpose is the evolutionary force that facilitates our conscious development.

It pulls us forward to become our evolved selves, and requires us to resolve the issues that would thwart that. In this way, we become more of who we are and less of who we are not.

I share countless case studies in The Golden Thread to demonstrate that through the quiet (and sometimes loud) internal pulls, nudges and longings in life, our souls call us forward into an ever-greater expression of our purpose. We can only fulfill those internal desires by obliging the forward motion.

By following our purposeful thread, we evolve. Consciously.

Second: Becoming more evolved, consciously, demands of us that we become better (next stage) humans.

We gain broader perspectives, new capacities, deeper commitment, more clarity and focus, less shadow, wider skillsets, greater contextual awareness, advanced systems thinking. And through all that, we learn to suffer less and have more fun.

And we do this by:

  • Gaining clarity about our purpose
  • Moving past the doubt, fear, limiting beliefs, and wounding that holds us back, and
  • Taking small bold steps onto our aligned path.

In The Golden Thread, my dissection of how and where purpose lives in each stage of our lives, imbedded within the developmental tasks of each stage, and hidden behind our childhood wounding, demonstrates that:

The most significant job of our lives is to become ourselves newly, continuously, to find our way back home after being lost in the cauldron of the early disruption of our authentic childhood self.

Third: Advanced consciousness is the only hope to resolve the VUCA (vulnerable, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) problems that we’re facing now in the world. (Bennett & Lemoine, 2014)

The interconnected, intersystemic deeply entrenched (and often insidious) problems in our world won’t be resolved by simple linear solutions or strategies, or dealing with concrete and early stage ways of knowing that are evident in most of our existing policies and infrastructures. Our policy-makers are weighed down by woefully inadequate ways of plodding through the morass of challenges.

There must be enough of us who are capable of generating solutions in an everyday ongoing basis to support who we are becoming as humans.

In this grand experiment, you matter. Every single one of us matters.

For us to find our way into greater solutioneering and greater joy and fun, we all need to be on a path to evolve, to embrace our significance.

This isn’t about being afraid. This is about being activated.

If you’re jostled by the current events, stay jostled. Get calm on the inside and take action in the world.

What is your next best expression, or your Purpose pivot? How will you rise up newly to meet both the challenges and the opportunities of our changing contexts and the continued evolution of your life and the world?

If “change is the only constant in life,” according to pre-Socratic Greek philosopher Heraclitus, then the timing is perfect.

Are you ready to step into your next perfect Purpose pivot?

No better time than now, while we wait for the pandemic to end, to figure out what your Purpose pivot will be.

Let’s do this.


Bennett, N. & Lemoine, GJ. (2014). What VUCA really means for you. Harvard Business Review. Jan-Fb 2014.

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