Why We Must Now Provoke Our Imagination


If you’re reading anything online today, it’s hard to imagine a paragraph that doesn’t contain a reference to AI or ChatGPT in all its forms.

Yesterday, after spending some time exploring the emerging wave of AI-driven apps and reading the wide range of tweets and articles opining on the upending of life-as-we-know-it (including this tweet comparing AI to the pandemic)…

… I felt viscerally captured by the AI machinery.

As if I’d gotten sucked into the rabbit hole of an AI algorithm itself.

I felt destabiized, unanchored, and definitely NOT like a human.

Not that I regularly feel very human anyway, but this was the opposite of the non-human experiences that I tend to prefer, which create space and openness to the boundless presence of the quantum field.

This was definitely NOT that.

My cells could feel all the AWS servers buzzing with the millions of people using the 2000 newly-launched AI apps of the last 30 days.

Everyone was trying out the new apps to see what they could do more quickly and urgently with a focus on more efficiency, profit and productivity.

All to keep up with the Jones, Microsofts, Googles and Baidus of the world.

The promise is to revolutionize the way we work, and perhaps exist as humans.

The threat is to revolutionize the way we work, and perhaps exist as humans.

If you haven’t yet become engulfed in the plethora of AI analysis, here are just a couple of syntheses re: where we sit now. The opposing corners of the ring.

Cold Fusion Podcast- AI is Developing Faster than you Think

New York Times editorial You Can Have the Blue Pill, or the Red Pill, and We’re Out of Blue Pills

Don’t bother perusing these editorials next week, as the scenario will have changed drastically.

Which Corner Do You Sit In?


While this is definitely not a boxing match between good and evil… it’s clear that we don’t yet know the full extent of the consequences- pros or cons- of how AI will disrupt and change the nature of being human.

Like Forever.

We can’t go back from here, as the language learning and acceleration of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) becomes complete, at least until we have a complete collapse of society as we know it.

Once Microsoft fired its Ethics Department in 2020 as a means to accelerate its AI technology to the market, it was a done deal.

And much like the inventions of Thomas Midgley Jr in the early 20th century were lauded as pioneering improvements for humanity (he invented leaded gasoline, which made automobiles more efficient, and developed the commercial use of chlorofluorocarbons as a safer refrigerant, both of which we now know created the holes on the ozone layer,) we won’t know the full effect of AI or AGI for years. Or maybe ever.

So while my head brain may be absorbing the utility of the enhanced information processing of ChatGPT-4, realizing that our knowledge generation has just sped up exponentially (times a quadrillion,) and knowing that it will likely double in the next 30 days (or less)…

… my heart brain is grieving the engulfing of those qualities that make us most human, the capacities that artificial intelligence will never be able to replace, even though it’s possible we may be replaced…

… and my gut brain is doing its best to maintain a stable grounding on planet Earth in my human body with a nervous system that’s screaming to get the hell off the planet before the machines destroy us.

And all scenarios are possible.

Which Way to Oz, She Asks?


So as we frantically try to find our way out of this pending quagmire, we realize we’re possibly searching for answers to the wrong question.

This was never about what’s ‘out there,’ though you can’t tell Big Tech that their infinite game innovations won’t create a better future for us, and might just destroy us.

If we’re focused externally, the world will always appear unstable, uncertain and volatile. The new normal.

It’s always been about ‘in here,’ the internal milieu through which we respond to the world as it shifts and groans its way to the future.

As we remain resilient and newly become anti-fragile, taking in new insights and learning much about how to be a more evolved and responsive human, as the new AI is doing, we may just have a shot at staying in the ring in the match of machines vs humanity.

Responding From the Inside Out


So how do we respond to abstract or uncertain threats in unknowable timeframes to innovations that haven’t yet been invented with tools or capacities that haven’t yet been developed because there hadn’t been a need, yet?

Given we aren’t in Kansas anymore, we’ll need to respond appropriately to the ever-changing tides of this new world.

So what do we do?

We learn to surf, of course.

Learning to Surf Reality


Surfing reality is not about finding the next big wave and paddling like hell to get there.

Nor is it about avoiding the big waves out of fear of being engulfed by them.

Reality Surfing is about choosing to create our own truths, rather than be responsive to that which is handed us by a broader culture or last-paradigm infrastructures.

We must become loyal to our deepest desires, who we individually and collectively want to be, and deeply immersing ourselves in the awareness that reality exists as we can only imagine it.

Reality Surfing is about Imagination. Visualization.

Guided by a deep awareness of who we are and what’s important to us.

Relaxing into the flow of what’s possible when you know who you are and release the resistance to living that.

As we imagine our preferred Reality, we send the signal of our deepest desires and alignment, create coherence and resonance, release the outcome to infinity and take action to bring forth the people and opportunities that create synchronicities.

Reality Surfing is quantum physics on steroids.

No AI needed.

Why Reality Surfing is Easier (and More Crucial/ Pivotal) Than You Think


Do you imagine that Big Tech would’ve succeeded in building AI if they’d imagined that they weren’t ready?

Or that they weren’t good enough yet to build it?

Or that the challenges they’d encounter were too insurmountable?

Or that they didn’t have all the people, materials, know-how yet?

Why do those of us who want to create solutions to the world’s biggest problems allow those types of hurdles to stand in our way?

Reality Surfing can be used for various reasons, with various means. Good and bad.

And while the obstacles that exist for creating a different reality than the one we perceive to be true here and now requires a shift in paradigmatic thinking, all we have to do is believe.

Like Dorothy.

Because, it turns out, so much of what we’ve been taught to believe about human development, the laws of nature and how things work is wrong.

And here are just a few examples:

On the history of humanity : The Dawn of Everything

On the human mind and consciousness: Irreducible Mind, Consciousness Unbound:, Beyond Physicalism: Toward Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality

On Time: On the Origin of Time: Stephen Hawking’s Final Theory, Time Doesn’t Exist in some Places

And now that we know that the hyper-imposed reality of the material world and its logical and linear systems never fully accounted for the truth, it’s easier to imagine another way.

Reality Surfing requires you to shift your identity and belief systems by:

  • Defining the reality you’d like to experience
  • Shifting into a neutral or ‘zero point’ (trance-like) experience
  • Be open to and explore the new version of yourself
  • Enter the new viewpoint
  • Let go of resistance to living in the fulfillment of the new Reality

Sounds simple enough.

Requires a helluva imaginative capacity.

And yet… what could it hurt to try?

After all, we’re either capable of becoming the emboldened agents of the future…

…. Or we relinquish the right to live anything other than the Matrix.

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