You Don't Have to Have All the Answers


You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers


Or ANY of them, really.

Remember when you were little and adults told you that life was supposed to go this way but you had a spidey-sense that it was really supposed to go another…. and when you followed that gut instinct things turned out like they should have?

Life’s kinda become like that. Everything we thought we knew seems to be headed in that “wrong way” direction, and we have the sense that it needs to go the opposite direction.

It seems everything has shifted to this uncomfortable level of uncertainty, which makes it hard to know exactly, or generally, what to do next.

Even as the restrictions have lifted, it’s been like walking in mud. Or driving into the fog.

Can’t see a damn thing and don’t know whether to go right or left.

Despite our deepest desires we wouldn’t have to return to the things we DIDN’T like (i.e., insane schedules, competing demands, wasteful use of resources, intense focus on money)…

… we STILL hoped that a few things might return to normal.

There is No More Normal


We used to think we knew what to expect. Or which way to go. There seemed to be some certainty, for some of us, at least some of the time.

And now….

We can’t pretend anymore that the world existed as we thought it did.

We’ve awakened to the fact that the linear causation equation-laden vision-mission-objectives strategic approach doesn’t work much anymore, or maybe never did.

Quantum science and the emerging paradigm suggests that we’re living into the field of possibilities, at least among those of us who choose to see it.

But we still gotta pay the mortgage or rent and put gas in our cars and food on our tables.

And yet, as we come out of isolation and realize it’s a whole new world emerging and we want to make use of those Silver Linings of the Lost Year of 2020 …

…how do we move into greater clarity about who we’re becoming so we can choose our next steps…

If there’s no common ground upon which to stand?

If we don’t know what the rules are anymore?

If we don’t know where to turn to figure it out?

And yet we are guided well enough, if we know what to listen to.

Listening to the Emergent Future


If you learn to listen for it, the future is as expansive as your imagination will allow.

Each time I am called to do something that is way the hell out beyond what I can imagine, I falter by thinking that I have to “figure out” my way there. As if the means to get there could come out of my pea-sized brain, vs. the limitlessness of the quantum field.

And each time I’ve stepped toward the vision of what seemed impossible, whether it was move to another state or leave a job that seemed stable or to launch a new product….

…if I had faith that the perfect circumstances would emerge, if I listened well enough…

…it always happened. Even though I was mighty uncomfortable as I waited for it to happen.

Even as recently as my transition to Texas (after 37 years away) during the pandemic caused me anxiety and doubt about my sanity (really, god, you want me to go back to TX?,) I knew that it would turn out alright because I’d listened to the call.

And indeed it’s been miraculous in a strange and satisfying (and continually unfolding) way.

While you may imagine that your future is limited based on your past or current predicaments, you can create a destiny as unique and extraordinary as your dreams can hold.

And therein lies the challenge.

Most of us dream really small.

Having Big Dreams in Uncertain Times


It is time for you to become what you never imagined possible.

Now is the time to live into the boldest, more daring, innovative version of yourself.

Not normal in any sense of the word. We’re all done with the way-things-have-always-been and living any version of ourselves that we “should” be.

And truth be told, it’s now or never. We have less than a decade to turn this around, or it’s hasta la vista for humans on planet earth.

We can build sea vacuums for plastic and floating land masses and oxygen-generating buildings and more mundane things like arks and rocket ships.

All things are possible if your dreams are big enough.

But what if you don’t know who you are and what’s yours to do?

It’s really quite simple, actually. For you to figure out what’s yours to contribute, to live your one-of-a-kind purpose and have more meaning and impact than in the past…

The only thing required is to be more of who you are, and less of who you are not.

Sounds simple, though most of us don’t have a hill-of-beans awareness about who we really are, and how to create products and business or careers from that, so that we can make our one-of-a-kind contribution.

We need a path forward that helps us know where we are and what steps to take next. And the next one. And the one after that.

The Purpose Flywheel™: A Guide to Your Purposeful (R)Evolution

It’s great that the world has finally awakened to the need for change. For some of us, this is the stage we’ve been dreaming about.

And just in time, we have the know-how to find our way forward.

It’s why I’ve pulled together The Purpose Flywheel™. After nearly 40 years of studying and practicing human development, evolution, science, spirituality, innovation, product development and business design, I’ve pulled together an amalgam of all these tools and methods and systems to help guide us forward.

Below is a first draft of the Purpose Flywheel™ virtuous cycle. It’s a draft because it’s built on feedback loops and agile, lean, and iterative learning systems that drive some of the world’s most profound innovations.

And we need to live our lives in the same way, paying attention to the indicators of what works and doesn’t, listening to the whispers of what wants to emerge. Iteratively.

To utilize the Purpose Flywheel™, you start with where you are, your who and what and why, then listen to where your soul is pulling you. And you make your way around the unique virtuous cycles through iterative and dynamic feedback loops.

And to do that, you’ll need to become a slightly different kind of human. One that pays attention to and makes sense of all the incoming data from this emerging field of possibilities.

And I’ll show you how if you care to join me.

I’m excited to be rolling out the The Purpose Flywheel™, just in time for the (r)evolution that’s so needed on the planet now. I’ve been doing this work in one form or another for nearly 40 years, and it’s now validated and proven and kinda foolproof, if you put your heart and soul into it.

I’ll be sharing more about The Purpose Flywheel™ and the Purpose LaunchLab, where we’ll use The Purpose Flywheel™ in a community of committed purpose-driven entrepreneurs to get Purpose Precision™, gain Mindset Mastery™, and Total Traction™ to build new lives for the future. To products and businesses or careers that can totally create the world we all dream of.

I hope you’ll dream with me.

Draft Version 1: Purpose Flywheel™

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